Local Seafood

Lively Crabs

A bushel of lively blue crabs, harvested by Southern Maryland watermen.

A bushel of lively blue crabs, harvested by Southern Maryland watermen.

Our Blue crabs are harvested by Maryland watermen only. Maryland crab season is April 1-December 15.

Our regular prices are listed below. DAILY SPECIALS and SALES are sent out via email, posted on Facebook, and listed on our recording at 410-586-3881

Please note that prices and availability are subject to change at any time. Call 410-586-3881 for daily specials and availability.


Male Hard Shell

#2 Males (small to medium, legal size up to 5 3/4″):

Dozen: $20

Half Bushel: $75

Bushel: $140 (contains about 8-9 dozen)

#1 Males (Medium to Large, 5 3/4″- 6 1/2″):

Dozen: $40

Half Bushel: $110

Bushel: $210 (contains about 6-7 dozen)

Jumbo Males (6 & 1/2″ or larger):

Dozen: $60

“Light” Males”

These are crabs of any size, from small to jumbo, that are not quite full of meat and cannot be sold for full price.  Also known as “white bellies,” “papershells,” or “pickin’ crabs.”

Dozen: $10

Female Hard Shell 

Small/Medium mixed

Dozen: $10

Half Bushel: $40

Bushel: $75 (contains about 9-10 dozen)

Large-Extra Large Females (6″ or larger)

Dozen: $20

Half Bushel: $75

Bushel: $140 (contains about 7-8 dozen)

Soft Shell Crabs

Bite-Size: $3 each/$35 dozen

Small: $4 each/$45 dozen

Medium: $5 each/$55 dozen

Large: $6 each/$65 dozen

Extra Large: $7 each/$75 dozen

live or frozen.

Our Live Crab Policy
All crabs are sold first come, first serve. We accept same-day, in-person reservations only, and full payment is required. We stand behind our products. If you are unhappy with your crabs for any reason (fullness, taste, death of live crabs, etc.), you may return them for replacement crabs or a store credit. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern at all times.
Thank you for supporting Southern Maryland watermen!

Thank you for supporting the local watermen!


Fresh oysters

Fresh oysters

In the shell:

Farm raised $8/dozen (when available)

Wild Harvest (season is October-March)

Dozen: $7

Peck: $25

1/2 Bushel: $45

Wild-havested oysters in the jar

Wild-havested oysters in the jar

Bushel $80

In the jar (during wild harvest season only)

Pint: $15

Quart: $25

All of our Oysters are harvested in the Chesapeake Bay region by local watermen. Our jars are packed locally and are always full.


In the shell

Manoes (soft shell clams): $5/lb (when available, price varies)                                                       Middle Neck Clams: $6/dozen or $22 for 50 count bag
Little Neck Clams: $5/dozen or $18 for 50-count bag

Beautiful fresh manoes

Beautiful fresh little neck clams

Fresh Fish

We sell whole, fresh fish caught by local watermen including: white and yellow perch, rockfish, croaker, catfish, flounder, and more.  Please call for daily pricing and availability.