Fresh, Local Foods

Local Dairy Products
Milk, Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, Artisan Cheeses.All products Health Department certified. Minimually pastuerized, not homogenized. Cheeses made from raw milk.Cows are raised in free, open pasture. No chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or treated grain. Happy cows make amazing milk!Visit the website of the farms:

Local Meat Products

Locally sourced, ethically raised meat

Locally sourced, ethically raised meat

Beef, pork, goat, lamb, chicken, rabbit, sausage, bacon, scrapple, jerky, and more! All meat comes from animals raised humanely and organically in Southern Maryland or nearby counties.We trust our certified farmers not to use any antibiotics, hormones, or treated grain.All beef is dry aged, USDA inspected.

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Visit the websites of the farms:

Local Baked Goods

Seasonal Produce

Chesapeake’s Bounty is committed to bringing you the best local produce around.  We are up at dawn every morning visiting as many local farms as it takes to fill up the shelves with a large selection fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Our preference is for organic produce, but we also sell conventionally grown produce as well. All of our produce grown on-site is grown using organic practices.

In the winter months, a limited supply of cold-weather crops are available locally, such as lettuce, cabbage, greens, turnips, etc. All of our fruits and veggies have a label of origin.